Back from iasdr 2017

The conference was held in Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning. I presented my study Two blind spots in Design Thinking, aiming at portraying designers’ singularity in innovation projects and companies at large. 20 minutes is quite frustrating for discussion, but it’s part of the game ! At least, this dynamic format allowed us to attend multiple sessions and grab diverse insights – for the rest, the papers remain !

On my reading list:

Taking aim at ‘wicked problems.’ A practical philosophy for educating designers in the making of wise decisions (Paul Emmerson, Northumbria University) because it echoes to my concern for ‘problem-framing’ – or should I say ‘mystery’ ?

Towards an ontological ethics of design (Jamie Brassett, Central St Martins) for his always inspiring philosophical point of view

Prototyping the not-yet-existing for research and innovation: a possible process model for design research (Juan de la Rosa, Universidad Nacional de Colombia), arguing for the use of prototypes as a research tool

Let’s Get Divorced: Pragmatic and Critical Constructive Design Research (Jodi Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University et al.) that started an exciting discussion about the traditions, intentions, audiences and outcomes of critical design.

Also, I take away:

– 8 emergent ‘anomalies’ challenging the dominant paradigms and demanding change in practice, education and research, highlighted by Meredith Davis (AIGA)

– The stirring ‘lifespan challenge’ shared by Patricia Moore. This woman is a source of strengh (« Our job is never done ») and inspiration (« Dream by design! »)

– An unexpected talk by Jasmine Probst (Facebook) about the company’s relationship to death and suicide. « Meaningful products acknowledge the full range of human emotions & experience »

– Amazing experiments by Mitchell Sipus (US White House), aiming to transform a world of data into a world of opportunities

– A deep discussion on activism and frugal innovation drove by need, during Deepa Butoliya’s workshop ‘Decolonizing through Critical Jugaad’ (Carnegie Mellon)

– The yellow food palette ! Ranging from chicken to bread, including cookies, bananas, mustard and more… Is monochrome the new chic?!

In another article, I will tell you about my trip to Chicago, on Frank Lloyd Wright’s tracks… But for the moment, you can download iasdr proceedings.