LIFT Conference

Lift16 Closing
Enthusiasm at Lift Closing

Blockchain technology beyond Bitcoin

From art to science, law, politics and innovation, what unexpected and disruptive opportunities does the blockchain technology open ?

The wild promises of the digital customer experience

Can a great digital experience empower the customers and only secure a sale ?

Enter the anti-disciplinary space

Our world is complex. How are we to tackle problems that only get harder ? Complex questions require the know-how from different fields, cultures and perspectives.

From Digital Transition to Ecological Resilience

The two major transitions of our time have much to say to one another. The ecological transition has a goal, but the path to get there remains unclear.

Making Sense of Technology

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” wrote Science-Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. What are the implications of such ambiguity? Is it a good thing?


These were the topics addressed during LIFT Conference, last week in Geneva. Ambitious, right ? But it was not so much in the speeches that lied the best anti-disciplinary examples ; rather at the core of the practices of those inspiring people who naturally experience it.

It may be see the world as a compound of round, square and triangular dynamics (1), or imagine we are fishes immerged in a water that we’re no more aware of (2)… In any case, it takes a touch of eccentricity to turn the buzzwords “blockchain” or “artificial intelligence” in prospective scenarios or concrete applications that, incredible but true, go beyond the circle of the nerds ! After all, whether seeking to shake one’s mind, to change the everyday life of a few or to improve the lives of all… it’s inspiration that we were seeking in the LIFT air. Inspiration, and a nice smell of Swiss fondue… !


(1) The Secret Language of Shape and Taste, Workshop by Soraia Binz & Chris Solarski

(2) Brian Solis quoting David Foster Wallace’s This is Water